Appreciative Inquiry: Design

I have been thinking through how to approach conversations about climate change and its impacts using Appreciative Inquiry – with the ultimate goal of developing meaningful action plans that resonate across the globe. Big Hairy Audacious Goal[1], I know.

In the Definition phase of Appreciative Inquiry, we establish a shared focus. For me in this context, the focus is global access to a ‘healthy earth’.

In the Discovery phase we ask questions to understand, from a positive vantage, what global access to a ‘healthy earth’ has “looked and felt like by activating vivid memories of experiencing it”[2]. This thinking immediately takes me back to childhood memories of running through fields of black-eyed susans, my steps stirring a kaleidoscope of monarchs; of hiking in the rain through a deeply forested canvas as bright orange salamanders scamper across my path; of lounging in clear cool streams, crawdads nipping at my toes. What comes to mind when you consider a ‘healthy earth’?

In the Dream phase we imagine a future state, a future earth, that embodies our dreams and visions.

This brings us to the Design phase, where we “connect ‘what is’ with ‘what might be’ through the concept of social architecture – those things … necessary for implementing the desired future state.”[3] This is where is gets particularly difficult, in my experience. The ‘how to’ is complex, not at all straightforward. It requires what many consider to be pain - giving up things, behaviors, and actions that have come to be considered important, perhaps even critical, to our daily existence. How do we – CAN WE – reframe the way in which we think about fulfillment, about what is essential in our lives? Is it possible to adjust individual thinking, community thinking, global thinking to consider a common future good?


In the Next Issue

In the next few posts, we will continue to explore how Appreciative Inquiry might be a vital component for shifting how, when, why, and where energy is used by diving more deeply into the Five D’s. I would love to hear from others!

[1] James C. Collins, Porras, J. I., Building Your Company Vision, Harvard Business Review, Sep-Oct 1996, page 9.

[2] Douglas Reid, Appreciative Inquiry, page 5,

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